Writing is hard.
Staying motivated is harder.

In this newsletter, you'll find a little advice, a lot of joy, and as many themed calls for submissions as I can find each month.

It’s free of cost. It is not free of terrible puns and Muppet gifs. You have been warned.

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I know! Another newsletter! But this one has…

Calls for submissions!

I like external motivation. I suspect you also like external motivation. So each month, I’ll include as many themed calls for submission as I can find. Where are the cool journals that want your themed poetry about The Breakfast Club? Who is seeking 666-word horror stories this month? Which editors are on the hunt for essays about Stove Top Stuffing for their next issue? They’re all right here, in a handy list delivered to your inbox each month.


Every writer – every single one – needs someone in their life who’s cheering their heads off from the sidelines. Preferably someones. This newsletter aims to be a virtual cheerleader for all of its subscribers, waving its pom-poms merrily from the margins of each manuscript you write.

Advice & insight!

I most recently served as the longtime editor of The Writer magazine, the oldest publication dedicated to the craft of writing in the U.S. Before that, I worked in food media for a number of publications, including at America’s Test Kitchen.

I’ve spoken at writing conferences across the country, crafted 1600+ manuscript critiques (and counting), helmed 75+ magazine issues, taught webinars, edited oodles of recipes, and profiled writers like Mary Karr, Heidi Pitlor, and Louis Sachar. And I love sharing what I’ve had to learn the hard way in the hopes it smooths the path for fellow writers & editors.


My goal is to build a joyful place for writers to gather and share advice and swap stories in an environment that is…well, not Twitter. The opposite of Twitter.

Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. I hope you’ll meet fellow writers here and learn from them just as much (if not more so) as me.

Bonus: Moose pics!

(My resident neighborhood moose and writing partner is named Moosille Ball and I have no doubt she will make an appearance. As may other Alaskan wildlife, like Catherine O’Beara and Lynx Floyd.)

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A little advice, a lot of joy, & a monthly list of themed calls for submissions.


Nicki Porter
Writer. Editor, formerly at The Writer magazine and America's Test Kitchen. Muppet enthusiast. Believer in good books and good biscuits.